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    Monsters wrong stats [FIXED]


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    Monsters wrong stats [FIXED]

    Post  DnR on 2nd September 2015, 19:36

    Hello guys,

    There have been many many reports that monsters have higher stats than expected and so on.
    Today, i decided to find and erase the source of the problem.
    I know many of you have been in trouble all this time being forced to modify npc stats, and i'm sorry about this.

    Everything began with this share: http://www.l2jlisvus.com/t99-unhardcoding-all-stats-bonuses
    In the past, there had been people here, who were obsessed with retail and convinced me of doing dangerous changes.
    L2J is using this, but i believe there is a difference in db stats compared to ours.
    Now, trusting only my professional instict, i'm improving project and offer you more stability.

    Thank you all for your precious support, and i'm apologizing for not doing this earlier.

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    Re: Monsters wrong stats [FIXED]

    Post  Karakan on 7th September 2015, 15:27

    Good fix with the stat calculations!!!

    I had to execute tons of sql commands (to fix the stats of raids) each time i setup a new server. ^^

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