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    GrandBoss AI


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    GrandBoss AI

    Post  DnR on 29th August 2015, 02:04

    I decided to update all Grand Boss AIs, so i spent some time working on quest engine, plus few more things.
    I'm here with new Baium java script. I believe this is a good start and i'm positive to work on the rest of them.
    New Baium worked flawless for me, but i'm here "in case" errors occur.


    - Fixed crop prices not affecting rewards. Thanks DanielaCZ.
    - Now, crop buying price will be deduced by Castle Lord's clan warehouse.
    - Corrected The Song of The Hunter bad Ids. Thanks AnonymousDeveloper.
    - Cleaned all system messages hex numbers.
    - Removed some buggy raid curse checks that had a chance to affect characters other than playable.
    - In a Raid Boss fight, if a character interacts with another character with magic and his level is greater than the raid boss level, he will be affected by
      the raid curse.
    - Castle Teleporters should only announce teleport only if castle is in Siege. Thanks DanielaCZ.
    - Clean SagasSuperclass variables upon completion by using exitQuest(False). This quest had a dozen of variables saved in DB before.
    - Making use of getActingPlayer to get rid of some code.
    - Updated Java engine to 1.8.
    - Changed changeImmobileLevel(int) to setIsImmobilized(boolean). This will be easier for admins.

    Special thanks to bug reporters.

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    Re: GrandBoss AI

    Post  Maneco2 on 2nd September 2015, 14:15

    Good job, upgraded the engine to java 8

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