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    Quest System


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    Quest System

    Post  DnR on 8th August 2015, 16:17

    In few earlier revisions, i commited some work on Quest system.
    This work makes scripts safer and gets rid of a useless quest drop system.
    Also, during checking i managed to find problems on few quests and fix them.

    So what we got is:
    1) Cleaning of empty lines and spaces that could make scripts prone to several jython errors.
    2) Removing old quest drop registry, which was useless. Now items are registered in quest item list.
    3) Fixed problems to few quests. e.g. Hunt the Golden Ram Mercenaries quest.
    4) Fixed exitQuest(boolean) to work with 1-time quests, as well.
    Now exitQuest(False) can be used instead of setState(COMPLETED).
    I just didn't replace the old method in scripts because some quests still use conditions even when
    they are completed, and exitQuest would delete all conditions.
    5) Removed <head> codes from all script-built htmls.

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