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    forest of the dead


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    forest of the dead

    Post  DanielaCZ on 1st August 2015, 17:27

    Hello I would like to ask you to fix this location does not change mobs there at night to be other mobs and others during the day, too, I thank you for the correction :-)

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    Re: forest of the dead

    Post  DnR on 4th August 2015, 00:09

    I just checked this, and Night monsters spawn at night.
    However, as i can see, sometimes there is a delay that can confuse players.
    Instead of 12 am, monsters spawn at 1 am and instead of 6 am, they despawn at 7 am.
    I will try to find a fix for this, but keep in mind that both Night and Day mobs can spawn.

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