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    UPDATE 512-513


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    UPDATE 512-513

    Post  DnR on 19th July 2015, 18:47

    This is the Four Sepulchers Implementation with critical improvements, that also fix dangerous exploits.
    Special thanks to xlinkinx for code adaptation.

    Here are the improvements done in the system.

    - Improved Sepulcher manager tasks to get rid of useless spawns.
      Here is how Sepulcher tasks work now.
    - 5 minutes entry.
    - 50 minutes time of waiting, which turns into attacking time if sepulcher is occupied by players.
    - 5 minutes cool down.

    - Now, mysterious boxes will spawn in a sepulcher only if it contains players inside.
    - Shadow of Halisha random spawns will set only if sepulchers contain players inside.
    - Fixed sepulchers messages not working properly during attack.
    - Converted C5 Executioner of Halisha IDs to C4 (probably adaptation mistake), and now executioners spawn when victims die.
    - Fixed Beetles of Grave not respawning (adaptation mistake).
    - Fixed Beetles of Grave unstoppably spawning, even if key box spawned.
    - Patk and Matk of victim are set to 1, so that it's not a burden for the time being.
    - Fixed Shadow of Halisha door not opening.
    - Fixed an exploit that let players spawn Shadow of Halisha twice.
      If a party helped Victim survive for 5 minutes, it would spawn the key box just like it should.
      After that, however, if the party killed the Victim, Executioner of Halisha would spawn.
      Once Executioner died, a second key box would respawn, resulting in 2 keys.
    - Fixed Shadow of Halisha not supporting its minions and vice-versa.
    - Fixed Statues of Protection not being petrified.
    - Set door closing task to 15 seconds.
    - Fixed Halisha minions not being deleted when Raid Boss dies.
    - If a party member is dead and the party enters a sepulcher, the member will be revived.
    - If a party member is far from sepulcher manager, the party cannot enter the sepulcher.
    - Fixed Sepulcher manager html to show the minimum number of party members set in Configurations.
    - Disabled Sepulcher monsters random walk.

    - Added Four Goblets quest. Thanks xlinkinx.
    - Added The Song of the Hunter quest. Thanks xlinkinx.
    - Added Warehouse Keeper's Pastime quest. Thanks xlinkinx.
    - Retail-like disconnect when server shuts down. Thanks arteon for reporting.
    - Retail-like death stand up animation. Thanks arteon.
    - Fixed //para and //unpara commands petrification not working.

    I might have missed something, but that's all in general.
    I'm planning on doing few more updates these days.
    Thank you all for your patience.

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    Re: UPDATE 512-513

    Post  DanielaCZ on 19th July 2015, 22:59

    Thank you so much for your time its great news u are back and project again going up :-)

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    Re: UPDATE 512-513

    Post  luannbr on 24th July 2015, 02:13

    for some time I learned that works PHX, still you have this problem?

    thanks for rev

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    Re: UPDATE 512-513

    Post  Karakan on 24th July 2015, 13:26

    Nice fixes DnR.
    Im not running a server anymore, but its nice to see this project havent died.


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    Re: UPDATE 512-513

    Post  DnR on 25th July 2015, 15:47

    Karakan wrote:Nice fixes DnR.
    Im not running a server anymore, but its nice to see this project havent died.


    I'm so sorry about this.
    I know you did your best to keep L2Reunion running up and stable, not to mention your contribution here.
    As you mentioned in another post, things are not the same as long ago.
    That's also one reason why i stopped working on the project.
    Thanks a lot for still caring about the project.


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    Re: UPDATE 512-513

    Post  AnonymousDeveloper on 27th July 2015, 00:23

    It's great to see you again patching this project, DnR.

    Sadly, created patches with

    eclipse -> team -> history -> compare

    don't apply on my server source. Sad

    And I have no clue why...

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    Re: UPDATE 512-513

    Post  arteon on 27th July 2015, 19:24

    That might be happening to you if you checked out the project from trunk (1 folder checout).

    Best thing to do is checkout gameserver and datapack individually.

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    Re: UPDATE 512-513

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