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    Revision 508/9/10/11 Update


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    Revision 508/9/10/11 Update

    Post  DnR on 8th July 2015, 20:13

    Hello guys,

    I know i have been absent for a very long time, and most of you have reasonably left this community.
    I didn't notice how quickly the time went by.
    I'm here to present a summer dose of my/your work.
    I might be inactive again, but i wish to commit several updates first.

    - Fixed "Back" button in Character Management html.
    - Added an extra text for CH managers + deleted useless code. Thanks xlinkinx.
    - Corrected buy lists for Dragon Valley Traders. Thanks xlinkinx.
    - Added Hunting Grounds teleports to Seven Signs Priests. Thanks xlinkinx.
    - Attempt to fix an error in Proof of Alliance quest. Thanks DanielaCZ.
    - Fixed wrong item consumption for Gludio Noblesse Teleport.
    - Added a method to prevent dual boxing. This method will prevent 2 characters with the same IP to
      be close to each other (works in accordance with Known list).
    - Attempt to fix monsters accidentally attacking other monsters
      with AOE skills or Spears, therefore beginning to attack each other.
    - Players with PK kills cannot equip Traveler's weapons. Thanks Karakan.
    - Fixed admin character_disconnect command not working.
    - Fixed Archangels not attacking baium, once all players leave boss zone.
    - Fixed Private Store Buy visibility. Thanks Karakan.
    - Updated Connection closing. Before, if a player was kicked, connection would close but client would not.
      Then, player had to use Ctrl+Alt+Del to get rid of disconnected client.
      Now, player kick works properly.
      Also, from now on close() method will be used only where it needs to.
    - Updated Casting Speed stats for all NPCs to closely ressemble C4 stats.
    - Added a check to prevent pet possible bug. It's a bit safer than before.
    - Corrected Pilgrim's and Patriot's Necropolis spawns. Thanks xlinkinx.

    That's all for now. Next or a later update will merge 4 Sepulchers to trunk.

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    Re: Revision 508/9/10/11 Update

    Post  DanielaCZ on 13th July 2015, 22:44

    waw this is great thanks so much i am so very glad !!! :-)

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