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    Revision 506


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    Revision 506

    Post  DnR on 11th January 2015, 15:51

    - Alternative check for mobs fighting each other. Fixes Baium strange behaviour.
    - Reverted effects removing effects of the same type fix. In fact, it caused more bugs (e.g Ultimate Defense).
    This was originally done to fix a bug in stucksub servers where players could move with UD active.
    - Added a check for immobility specifically to prevent bug mentioned above.
    - Fixed Monument Hero List displaying old name of players who changed it.
    - Fixed error in Clan Lv4 quest.
    - Reworked parsing reading data (Client Packets) to almost match L2J's latest method.
    This gets rid of old problems and might probably get rid of errors when disconnecting from client.
    Parser is a sensitive part, so feel free to report possible bugs.
    - A better check for accepting new client connections.

    I'll begin adding Custom Rev. 505 to trunk (including 4 sepulchers) part by part.
    Revision 506 fixes mostly 505 problems.

    Enjoy. ^^

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    Re: Revision 506

    Post  xlinkinx on 11th January 2015, 19:04

    Thanks for the good fixes, waiting for the continuation =)

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    Re: Revision 506

    Post  DanielaCZ on 12th January 2015, 11:10

    thanks Smile

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    Post  Maneco2 on 13th January 2015, 13:18

    I started using the project, is stable?
    Comecei a usar o projeto, é estavel?

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    Re: Revision 506

    Post  Karakan on 13th January 2015, 13:42

    Jeah it is stable.
    But wait till few exploits are fixed before going live.

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    Re: Revision 506

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