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    Classic Games C4 x4000


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    Classic Games C4 x4000

    Post  arteon on 23rd November 2014, 15:36

    Lineage 2 Classic Games C4 Servers.

    "Anarchy" Features:

    EXP: x4000
    SP: x4000
    ADENA: x5000
    DROPS: x1
    RAID DROPS: x3

    Enchant Rates:
    Max enchant (all items): +20
    Safe enchant (all items): +5
    Normal Scroll chance: 65% (Sold in GM Shop)
    Blessed Scroll chance: 85% (Raid/Grand Boss Drops)

    Buff System:
    25 Buff Slots
    5 Hours buff duration

    Custom NPCs:
    Global Gatekeeper NPC
    GM Shop NPC
    Buffer NPC
    PK Guard NPC
    Top Players List NPC

    1 Closed Farming Area (Safe)
    2 Open Farming Areas (PVP/PK)
    Farming Currency: Adena

    Economy based on Adena and Gold Bars

    Auto-Learn Skills
    No Custom Items
    Balanced Classes
    Starting Level: 40
    Auto-Noblesse on login
    C1/C2/C3/C4 Skills & Features
    Retail Like Raid & Grand Boss Respawn times
    Retail Like Olympiad Games
    Retail Like Castle Sieges
    Champion Monsters
    Auto TvT Event

    Server Hosting:
    Based in Europe
    Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ CPU
    4GB Dedicated Ram
    500gb hdd Raid 1
    100 Mbps
    DDOS Protection
    99% Uptime
    Stable Lag Free Gameplay

    Our server has been configured so it can handle over 1000 players without problems.
    Botting Software is not permitted and you will be banned/jailed if caught. Use it at your own risk.
    Since we are an international server we encourage you to speak english at all times on Shout (!) & Trade (+) chats.

    Website: www.l2cg.eu

    Theres a test server available that will be updated regulary.

    ETA: 1/12/2014

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