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    Add Offline trade for some item



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    Add Offline trade for some item

    Post  nulled06 on 11th November 2014, 08:43

    Guys, any one add some coast to offline trade system? I mean player need pay to use offline trade.


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    Re: Add Offline trade for some item

    Post  ProDev on 12th November 2014, 21:53

    Hi there!

    As nulled06 requested, I implemented offline trade charging, it works as follows:

    1. Server administrator has to define two parameters: OfflineTradeChargeItem and OfflineTradeChargeCount in custom.properties. If item ID = 0 - charging is skipped.
    2. When a player logs out, service tries to put him to offline trade mode
    3. If there are enough items in a player's inventory, he is charged for a defined amount of items and put to offline trade
    4. If there are not enough items - offline trade is skipped

    Here is the patch: http://cl.ly/code/3h2p2D0p2u15. Compatible with rev.505


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