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    Clean Up v2



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    Clean Up v2

    Post  micr0 on 23rd February 2013, 21:34

    Clean Up Source

    rev 337


    • Remove 'this' qualifier for non static field accesses
    • Remove 'this' qualifier for non static method accesses
    • Change non static accesses to static members using declaring type
    • Change indirect accesses to static members to direct accesses (accesses through subtypes)
    • Convert control statement bodies to block
    • Convert 'for' loops to enhanced 'for' loops
    • Add final modifier to private fields
    • Put expressions in parentheses
    • Remove unused imports
    • Remove unused private methods
    • Remove unused private constructors
    • Remove unused private types
    • Remove unused private fields
    • Remove unused local variables
    • Add missing '@Override' annotations
    • Add missing '@Override' annotations to implementations of interface methods
    • Add missing '@Deprecated' annotations
    • Add missing serial version ID (default 1L)
    • Remove unnecessary casts
    • Remove unnecessary '$NON-NLS$' tags
    • Add unimplemented methods
    • Organize imports
    • Format source code
    • Remove trailing white spaces on all lines
    • Correct indentation

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