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    Revision 504


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    Revision 504

    Post  DnR on 26th September 2014, 20:50

    Hello there!
    After so long, i brought you few fresh changes.

    - Friend System reworked.
    Fixes: Found a solution for friends changing name. If one of the characters restarts client, new name will be updated to friends.
    - Added a configuration to prevent mobs from attacking players in peace zones.
    - Disabled LogChat by default.
    - Prevent White Sharks from attacking outside water.
    - Fixed Clan data for clanid ? is missing warning. It was a client issue and it will now only pop up in Debugging mode.
    - Added "NoStoreZone" to prevent players from creating a private store in certain zones.
    - Added noIcon function for duplicate effects.
    - Players can summon while in combat again.
    - Fixed changename command.

    I worked on these long ago, but didn't have the time to test and update.
    If there are problems with this revision, please feel free to report.
    Thank you all.


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    Post  kallone on 26th September 2014, 22:27

    Thx Dnr I love You !!!

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