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    I found some bugs


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    I found some bugs

    Post  Chiuvi on 19th August 2014, 09:25

    Hello, I was walking into Four Sepulchers and found some errors.
    1)- The npc in center named Nameless Soul
    Into BD figure name Nameless Spirit !(id 8453), and I cant take the quest Four Goblets (does not exist in quest folder, maybe id quest is 620). Because of that, I think that the messages are not displayed to enter into rooms.

    2)- In Four Sepulchers and Imperial Tomb, the npc is spawning bad and agro mobs sometimes attack -.-

    3)- In combat i cant summon npc and unsumon, as I do if I am necromancer xD

    4)- *this is for (soulshot,spiritshot and blesed)  
    a-When I have put the weapon and active soulshot* later, the soulshot* actived good.
    b-When active soulshots*(in auto) and I put the weapon DONT ACTIVE, the same when change weapon.
    c-When I make an attack simple or magic at the same time activates the soulshot*. Should be When I finish attack NEED ACTIVATE

    5)- When I'm attacking and change for other weapon to attack, the atack is stopped :S

    6)-In admin menu Skills.. Ork skill does not display

    I used revision 503

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