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    Revision 502-503


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    Revision 502-503

    Post  DnR on 28th July 2014, 23:38

    This update was related to GM functions. Many people complained about almost everything, so i listened carefully.
    This is a list containing all changes related to last 2 revisions.

    Here we are:

    - Using LinePointIterator3D for Geodata.
    - Players can now use keyboard cursors to move while flying even if Geodata is disabled.
    - Made method CloseClient() synchronized, so that it's not called more than once.
    - Fixed packet monitor issues and added missing configs to options settings. Also, it can now be disabled by GMs.
    - Disabled Universe.
    - No need to use updateDatabase inside Logout & RequestRestart classes. It's called by deleteMe() method.
    - Unhardcoded Admin Menu. It's adminpanel.htm file, and it's easier for gms to customize it now.
    Also, i altered and added few menu buttons. e.g Manor menu.
    - L2J-like Edit NPC. Admins can now modify all NPC stats ingame.
    - Using method setAuraColor for admin_setteam command (getEventTeam() checks would make it really buggy).
    - Dirty fix for //script_load command not loading Saga quests.
    - Added missing C3 skills, C4 3rd class, GM, and Noblesse skills in admin_skill_list.
    - Reworked admin spawnlist (List Spawns). Before, it wasn't even working (html was too long).
    - Added titles to few admin htmls.
    - SystemMessage cleaning in Admin command handlers.
    - The following commands have been added:
    admin_changename (renamed //setname).
    - L2J-like edit Character.
    - Now, gms can change any class they want to their targets.
    - Renamed AllowGuards setting to GuardsAttackAggroMobs to avoid confusion.
    - Great White Shark (Garden of Eva) cannot attack in land anymore.
    - NPE fixes for monster AI.
    - NPE intention fix. Thanks avoegio.
    - Replaced UserInfo with StatusUpdate in skill enchantment.
    - Updated and improved admin_ban command.
    - Fixed admin_changelvl command not changing access level to offline characters.
    - Added message for admins setting account access level on a character that does not exist.
    - Added class change messages (They were accidentally deleted during Class Master update).
    - Fixed Cubic disappear task not being cancelled in several cases. Thanks avoegio.


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    Re: Revision 502-503

    Post  avoegio on 29th July 2014, 16:46

    thanks Dnr for updates ^_^

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    Re: Revision 502-503

    Post  Okuma on 30th July 2014, 18:27

    Tnx DnR, for your job!

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    Re: Revision 502-503

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