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    Revision 484


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    Revision 484

    Post  DnR on 15th June 2014, 19:55

    TvT Event update. Fixed TvT Bugs and added some new features.

    - Added TvT Event reward list. Now, admins can add more than 1 reward in settings.
    - Added Configs for minimum and maximum player level.
    - Added more details to L2TvTManager. Now, maximum participants, minimum level, and maximum level are displayed.
    - Added admin command //tvt_abort. This command aborts TvT Event or TvT Registration.
    - Added Event Engine. This engine loads event settings seperately from other configuration settings, and starts events.
    Since we just have TvT, it only supports 1 event for now.
    - Added events settings.
    - Converted TvT Event Delay from milliseconds to seconds.
    - TvT voiced command will now be loaded either way (for reload purposes). It won't work if TvT is disabled, though.
    - Added option to reload Event Engine (e.g. //reload event).
    - If all participants leave during the TvT Event, event will be aborted.
    - Fixed several TvT death bugs.

    I spent a lot of time testing and fixing, and i believe/hope we are not going to have any other issues. Smile

    Other fixes.
    - Fixed mobs walking and staying back during attack. Thanks lordeze.
    - Fixed Balance Life skill. It wasn't working properly. Thanks lordeze.
    - Small correction for unlock skill chance.

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    Re: Revision 484

    Post  yusuketh on 15th June 2014, 23:15

    Great DnR, good job as always, a good idea would be to add an option to block a particular class in tvt, as a healer, an option to earn pvp points during the event, and could add an option to earn points pvp in area "arena ", was looking for a mod like this.

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    Post  Centro on 25th June 2014, 05:26

    Good Job Man, i like your project )

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    Re: Revision 484

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