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    need new tattos balanced to c4 lisvus



    need tattos please!

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    need new tattos balanced to c4 lisvus

    Post  coqui2014 on 20th May 2014, 15:01

    someone can pass me tattos for lisvus rev. 470 please?
    thanks Smile

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    Re: need new tattos balanced to c4 lisvus

    Post  yusuketh on 15th June 2014, 23:58

    I created these tattoos a while ago, "Tattoos Left and Right" created based on the glyphs used by Shanoa in Castlevania order of ecclesia, where you use a tattoo on the left arm and one on the right.

    The tattoos are balanced as I thought it would be good, not giving those very high status, you can edit the status it has to take 2 gm of tattoos, they make the User with status of RAID BOSS, recommended only for GM.
    mediafire.com download/ajyppps82adboaj/Tattoos+L-R+%26+Fusion+by+YUSUKE.7z

    Who knows in the future as I create a glyphs of ecclesia ^ ^

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