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    Revision 473 - 06/05/14


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    Revision 473 - 06/05/14

    Post  DnR on 6th May 2014, 12:40

    Hello guys,

    I know it's hard that project is so inactive and i feel sorry about this, but i'm afraid there is no other choice.
    I took the chance of holidays to do some work, so here we are.

    - Dimensional Rift implementation.
    After many requests, it's ready for gameplay. Thanks xlinkinx, and many others.

    The party rules are slightly different however, in order to stabilize the system.
    1) If a party member is dismissed, party will be ported to the waiting room (retail-like).
    This will prevent exploits such as leader being greedy and dismiss most of the members in order to keep boss drops.
    2) If a party member leaves party, clicks to village button or logs out, he/she will be expelled to the waiting room.
    3) Once ported to the next room, all dead members will be revived (excluding the use of a chance card and all members having died).
    4) If all members have died, they will be ported to the waiting room, once room timer is over (retail-like).

    Missing parts.
    - Moving to another room of your choice with adena fee.
    - Teleportation from Oracle of Dawn/Dusk to Dimensional Rift.

    General fixes.

    - TvT Event update. Teleportation is working more correctly now, since it was exploitable before.
      Now, players will be informed 20 seconds before the event starts that they will be ported to arena.
    - Improved TvT Event revive.
    - GMs can now attack Festival & Rift monsters.
    - Added missing message for Mercenary Redfoot.
    - Exp penalty will now be applied to a character during death, even if he's reached Lv78 & 100%. Thanks Karakan.
    - Small change in Test of Reformer. Now, Aruraune will spawn wherever the last Nameless Ghoul dies. Thanks Karakan.
    - Small correction for Rift teleport quest condition.
    - Magic skill block has become a just broadcast skill, just like in L2j.
    - Fixed Zombie Lord Farakelsus bad coords, making the boss unable to be attacked. Thanks Meteoro.
    - Added 2 missing spellbooks and description for all of them. Thanks lordeze.
    - Party range is configurable now.
    - Fixed duplicate message, if player tried to use a Scroll of resurrection on an NPC.
    - NPE checks in DayNightSpawnManager.
    - Small improvements and NPE fix in SevenSignsFestival.
    - Fixed a bug that monsters were getting respawned, even when respawn has stopped. It's met mostly in Siege guards, and Dimensional Rift monsters.
    - Added a check to prevent participants of Festival of Darkness to register to the Grand Olympiad games (just in case).

    Thanks a lot for your precious support, and patience.

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    Re: Revision 473 - 06/05/14

    Post  Okuma on 9th May 2014, 19:05

    Thanks DnR for your effort!

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    My Bhother

    Post  saimongbi on 10th May 2014, 18:27

    Great work from you my brother, we are anxiously waiting God bless you in everything dear friend!

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    Re: Revision 473 - 06/05/14

    Post  dandiarena on 11th May 2014, 22:02


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    Re: Revision 473 - 06/05/14

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