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    Revision 471


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    Revision 471

    Post  DnR on 2nd March 2014, 12:20

    - Updated Fairy Trees minion despawn. Fixes NPE error. Thanks Karakan.
    - Fix for Whisper of Dreams quest. Thanks Karakan.
    - Changed xp value from Int to Long. This fixes exp limitations reported by arteon.
    This is a relief to high rate servers. Thanks arteon.
    - Fixed a Karma amount bug.
    - Fixed Clan Hall Functions consuming adena even when they were deactivated by owners.
    Now they are properly deactivated with a more correct way, and function task can be cancelled.
    This could be the reason of overconsuming adena reported by Karakan. Thanks a lot.
    - Corrected prices for level 2-3 CH item creation.
    - Removed some exception throws in SelectorThread.
    Added a return to stop further execution instead. Thanks Karakan for reporting warning.

    Due to work, studies, and personal issues, development is slowed down.
    I' ll try to work on trunk as much as i can.

    Thanks a lot for your support.

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