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    Raid Spawn



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    Raid Spawn

    Post  duffman on 23rd February 2014, 19:23

    Hola a todos, mi problema es que los raid boss no hacen spawn en sus sitios, tampoco utilizando //spawn. esto sucede solo con los raid comunes, con Baium,antharas,etc no hay problema.

    Hi all, my problem is that raid boss spawn do on their sites using either / / spawn. this happens only with common raid with Baium, Antharas, etc. no problem.

    Este es un ejemplo del error cuando quiero spawnear a Korim (este error da cuando quiero spawnear otros raid).

    This is an example of the error when I spawn a Korim (this error occurs when I spawn other raid).

    PD: Sorry if my English is not understood, is that I use google translator. ^^

    PD: Rev 470

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