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    Clan Halls


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    Clan Halls

    Post  Karakan on 6th February 2014, 22:10

    Here are some functions/bugs our players found regarding clan halls.

    Hi there. I have a Bug to report.
    I bought a Clanhall and it sayes it costs 500k per week to keep it up.
    The thing is, I bought it about a week after New Years Eve and it costed me about 6 Million Adena already.
    The Clanhall is the Emerald Hall in Goddard.
    I hope you can fix it soon, it's really costing a fortune.

    29.01. I put 13kk into CWH
    02.02. 10,5...kk
    02.02. 10,177...kk
    03.02. (9:55 GMT+1) 10,14...kk
    04.02. (10:09 GMT+1) 9,28...kk
    04.02. (19:18) 8,47...kk

    Note : All functions are deactivated

    -Function: Item production / Item creation does nothing.
    (all levels)

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    Re: Clan Halls

    Post  DnR on 8th February 2014, 14:06

    I'll check this.
    Thanks a lot for reporting.

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