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    muchas cosas para arreglar



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    muchas cosas para arreglar

    Post  emanuel.tellini on 15th January 2014, 22:40

    el tema de los buff q son lvl 1 del npc,el tema de las potas no podes potear cuando pegas,los raid valakas y antharas no le podes editar el drop, skilles muchos x acomodar,hacer un npc q venda skilles estaria groso

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    Re: muchas cosas para arreglar

    Post  Cartman on 15th January 2014, 22:54

    Traducí todo al ingles para que te tomen el post


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    Re: muchas cosas para arreglar

    Post  Neeeeeeeeeel.- on 16th January 2014, 04:41

    Realmente tu forma de reportar errores parecen un reclamo, esto es un datapack gratuito y DnR trabaja de forma gratuita para darle soporte, mantenerlo y mejorarlo y definitivamente no se merece un post como este por todo el laburo que hizo. No tenés ningún derecho a pedir las cosas de esta manera. Por lo menos tomate el trabajo de publicarlo en inglés.

    You seem to be claiming instead of reporting bugs, this is a free datapack. DnR supports & make this better and better without profits, he definitely doesn't deserves a post like this. At least write the post in english.

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    Re: muchas cosas para arreglar

    Post  DonWar on 17th January 2014, 19:51

    If this post seems more a claim that a contribution, reminds us that they're working to give a free support, as your report with a definition of the bug or errors that you earn as well the staff really know that correct, let us try to help them between all and come out ahead and not errors will have both the same and excellent work i hope to continue as well, for my part will surely help you in the bug and errors that get in the pack....

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    Re: muchas cosas para arreglar

    Post  DnR on 18th January 2014, 13:00

    First of all, i have already pointed out the "post english" thing, so i'd be grateful if you used a translator or something next time.
    By reading all posts, i assume project is insulted in a way. Well, criticism is a "part of the work", so it's fine for me.

    Complaining won't do. If you spot a bug, then feel free to report it.
    That's all by me. Thank you all for your attention.

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    Re: muchas cosas para arreglar

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