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    Lineage Xeralth - Stuck Subclass - BETA PvP



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    Lineage Xeralth - Stuck Subclass - BETA PvP

    Post  mauronob on 10th January 2014, 21:25

    Welcome to Xeralth L2, the server currently is in BETA stage, so it works like PvP server, you create a character level 1 and on the web page you can do the four classes of your character, and you're ready to make PvP's.
    Remember that our server has Stuck Subclass System.
    From now until a month the server will be BETA.

    webpage: www.xeralthcommunity.com.ar


    - The accounts are created automatically.
    - Subclass Stuck System, The subclass is performed on the website.
    - Third Change (no skills), it is enabled only for Olympics.
    - Rates x1x1x1, for web page you create the full character at level 78 and 2kkk adena, not level.
    - No Custom Items.

    NPC's generated by the server:
    ___Misc, sell soulshots, crystals, quest items, etc.
    ___GMShop, this npc sells all kinds of items for all Grade.
    ___Nobless Master, this npc helps you to be noble, to participate in Olympics (pre third change).
    ___Master Class (Cat), this will make you npc class changes without need for a quest.

    Added Skills (Created to balance classes)
    ___Spirit of Mage, 20% casting speed.
    ___Spirit of Warrior, 10% attack speed.

    Deleted Skills
    ___Malaria level 4, the same effect is obtained with Spirit of Mage.
    ___Magicians moviment, unbalanced warriors.

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