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    Revision 467


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    Revision 467

    Post  DnR on 7th January 2014, 17:29

    Revision 467.

    - Updated and fixed flaws for Test of the Healer quest. Thanks xlinkinx.
    - Fixed Whisper of Dreams Part 2 problem. Thanks Karakan.
    - Added missing Roy the Cat NPC to npc table. Thanks Chiuvi.
    - Trove engine. It will be used more in the future.
    - Separated autoloot for monsters and Raid Bosses. Thanks arteon.
    - Few improvements in SkillTable/SkillTreeTable and SkillCheckEnable security implementation. Thanks arteon.
    After tests done, it seemed to be working fine. However, it's set to False due to some servers running as stucksub.
    - Auto-Noblesse at login custom configuration. Thanks arteon.
    - Added configuration for Village Masters to contain all classes to subclass list. Thanks arteon.
    - Fixed a database installer problem that changed login database to be the same with gameserver database,
    if they were different. Thanks arteon.
    - Corrected a debuff-related slot check.

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    Re: Revision 467

    Post  arteon on 7th January 2014, 21:13

    This is great, especially the skill check. Thank you.

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