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    Cats of GlitteringMedals


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    Cats of GlitteringMedals

    Post  Chiuvi on 7th January 2014, 07:11

    Hello I wanted to implement Event of GlitteringMedals, but I found the cat 'Roy the Cat' does not exist in DB, table npc this (Id 8228) and i don't know what multisell to be associated for him. When I want to increase 'my raise level' in 'Winnie the cat' (Id 8229) she requests five Event - Glittering Medals but i have 10k in inventory>.< she tells me 'You don't have enough glittering medals to play the coin-toss game. Collect some more medals and come back. Meow!!' XD. And 'Wendy the Cat' (Id 8230) his chat not work and i don't know what multisell to be associated for him.
    How can I fix? Meow!! Razz

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    Re: Cats of GlitteringMedals

    Post  DnR on 7th January 2014, 17:33

    Hello Chiuvi. Smile
    For now, coss toin game is not implemented.
    Roy the Cat got broken in a NPC table update long long ago, but it has to be fine now.
    I added this missing NPC, and i believe the whole feature will be implemented soon.
    Thanks for your report. Smile

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