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    Offline mode auto PM answer



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    Offline mode auto PM answer

    Post  Neeeeeeeeeel.- on 6th January 2014, 00:48

    When I was a player, I hated when I pmed a player and I didn't get an answer.
    Most of times it was because the player was in offline mode. So I added an auto PM answer:)

    How to do it? Easy.
    Go to net.sf.l2j.gameserver.clientpackets.Says2.java
    Find the line:
    activeChar.sendPacket(new CreatureSay(activeChar.getObjectId(), _type, "->" + receiver.getName(), _text));

    Paste this down that line:

    if (receiver.inOfflineMode()){
     activeChar.sendPacket(new CreatureSay(activeChar.getObjectId(), _type, receiver.getName(), "Hey! I'm in offline mode, try it later!"));

    And that's all Very Happy
    Hope it helps.

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    Re: Offline mode auto PM answer

    Post  Karakan on 6th January 2014, 01:22

    This is a nice addition.
    Gonna implement this on my server on next update.

    Thanks for the share Smile

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