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    Christmas Update


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    Christmas Update

    Post  DnR on 25th December 2013, 16:10

    Hello people, i wish you a Merry Christmas, and i hope you're having a good time this blessing day. Smile
    Here is an update that solves a great deal of bug reports and corrections, according to daily tests done.

    Here we go.

    - Added missing Dimension Keeper in Necropolis of Sacrifice and corrected spawn coords for the rest + Rift Posts.
    - Added htmls for all Dimension Keepers and Dimension Rift Posts.
    - Implemented teleportation to Dimensional Rift Post, through Dimension Keepers.
    This is the first step for the upcoming implementation of this feature. Thanks xlinkinx.
    - Updated Oracle Teleports. Added missing support for Oracle of Dawn/Dusk teleportations, if priests resided in Goddard/Hunter's/Rune towns.
    - Added all missing Dimensional Diamonds rewards for 2nd occupation quests.
    - Updated Trial of Duty quest. Now, quest step client details are retail-like and players won't be confused anymore.
    - Updated Trial of Guildsman quest. Not only quest step client details have been corrected, but spoil cast support was also added (in a part where spoil was actually demanded), so quest behaves in a more retail way.
    - Corrected drop chance for Black Swan quest. Thanks Karakan & roko91.
    - Small correction in Coin of Magic quest. Thanks Karakan.
    - Possible error fix for Proof of Alliance quest. Thanks Karakan.
    - Implemented Amulets of Valakas. Thanks xlinkinx.
    - Energy Stone can now be used by all classes. Thanks xlinkinx.
    - Fixed a serious multisell bug that caused ingredients to disappear, even if transaction failed. Thanks Karakan.
    - AutoLearnSkills Configuration has been splitted, and there is a new one for 3rd Class. Thanks manutuning2.
    - Some weapons shouldn't be tradeable, because they are used by 2nd class quests.
    - Summoners can now attack their pets and vice-versa.
    - Changed the way that //quest_reload command works. Before, it didn't work at all and caused errors, due to new quest engine incompatibility.
    The command has still its limitations.
    - Fixed a minions NPE error. Thanks devmakiss.
    - Send message for somebody picking up an item to nearby players. Thanks xbacox2010.
    - Summoners can now use their summons to level Soul Crystals.
    - Changed QuestState method get() from Object to String and altered check. Might fix errors such as the one reported for quest "10_IntoTheWorld".
    - Possible fix for Pet's Corpse-Type skills (e.g  Parasite Burst) affecting owner's party.
    - Fixed Hot Springs RB getting aggro if nearby monsters were attacked. Thanks Karakan.
    - Separated RaidDefenceMultiplier to PDef and MDef respectively (Revision 462). Thanks Karakan.

    Once more, i wish you a Merry Christmas, and thanks a lot for your support. Smile

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    Re: Christmas Update

    Post  roko91 on 25th December 2013, 18:26

    The king is back !
    Merry Christmas and thank you for the great Christmas present !! Smile

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    isso aew

    Post  saimongbi on 25th December 2013, 18:45

    Parabens mano Obrigado mesmo !!
    Feliz natal

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    Re: Christmas Update

    Post  Pret on 25th December 2013, 20:36

    Thanks, but maybe you can make commits more atomic.

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    Re: Christmas Update

    Post  arteon on 25th December 2013, 20:52

    Right back at you, and thanks for the updates. Merry Christmas everyone!

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    Re: Christmas Update

    Post  Okuma on 4th January 2014, 02:51

    Dnr, great work, sorry my bad inglish, thanks for you work in the rev.

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    Re: Christmas Update

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