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    Revision 458-459


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    Revision 458-459

    Post  DnR on 31st October 2013, 13:24

    Login Server optimization.
    There had been a case where LS loaded all ThreadPool types just for a single schedule in IP ban.
    This was completely a waste, so LS now uses a different way to declare IP ban time.
    Also, LS will now load server id, names, and key pairs at start up just like it should. Before, they used to be loaded at first account login attempt.
    Ban time due to mistyping password has become configurable.
    Removed few useless closes in GameServerTable, and that's all for Login.

    - Fixed Red-Eyed Invaders quest error. Thanks Karakan.
    - Added security checks to all ThreadPool types.
    - Small calculation changes in ValidatePosition.
    This was done to improve coord synchronization, so there is a possibility of fixing some of the reported GeoData bugs by Karakan.
    - Added a message to unblockip command in order to inform admins of how to unban IPs. Thanks Cartman.
    - Re-added HackingException to AuthLogin. Well, you never know. :d
    - Configurable teleportation to towns, the castles of which are under attack. Thanks Cartman and dandiarena.

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