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    Sharing my server ^^


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    Sharing my server ^^

    Post  jamaica on 28th October 2013, 21:10

    here is a pack with few customs which will make a great pvp server, thanks to dnr and mystogan, without theyr help i couldn't do it so..here u go

    mediafire.com ?d982cv3ocf99w5d

    Noblese Item
    - Hero Item
    - Custom Armor Dark Knight
    - Npc Crest for owner of a castle
    - Evert Saturday XP and SP will be x2 Bigger
    - Offline trade/shop
    - Announce castle lords at theyr login
    - Custom Tittle Characters shows how many pvp/pk u have
    - Annoucements pvp/pk
    - Auto Reward every 2 hours and vote rewards
    - Flagged players cannot use GK
    - PvP color system
    - Pk color system
    - We managed to add a hero skill for players who fight for hero (Valor)

    -Custom shop
    -Global GK
    -Custom farm zones
    -Custom LvL zone

    Server already set with all npcs spawned just install it load that copy of database in navicat and run it !

    here is the patch specially for server all u have to do is to edit a bit the systemsg.dat

    mediafire.com ?ma2c8ad283kca46

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