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    Revision 454


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    Revision 454

    Post  DnR on 23rd October 2013, 21:31

    Revision 454.

    - Fixed map region problem with players getting ported from Alligator Island to Giran Castle Town. Thanks WilliamFS.
    - Fixed map region problem with players getting ported from Lair of Valakas to Talking Island Village.
    - Fixed NPE error. Thanks xlinkinx.
    - CP is not set to 0 during respawn in retail. Thanks xlinkinx.
    - Fixed chests containing wrong drops. Thanks xlinkinx.
    - Fixed Giants Cave Exploration quest error. Thanks lordeze.
    - Updated gmshop buylists. Thanks mystogan64 for your contribution.
    - Fixed possible shortcut problem. Thanks Karakan.
    - Restore CP/HP/MP during TvT respawn. Thanks jamaica.
    - /block command can now block trade. Thanks yusuketh for reporting this problem.
    - Reuse delay is working for potions again. Thanks dandiarena for reporting.
    - Corrected few gm teleports.
    - Added missing tax in a multisell list.
    - Hate should not be applied to mobs while casting a skill on hated target, if target is caster's pet.
    - Added a small test check to login. (has a chance to prevent IG walkers from logging in.)
    - Auto Reward ip check. Thanks dandiarena & jamaica for pointing it out.
    - Updated Test of the Summoner quest. It should now be completed without problem.
    - Maximum number of SubClasses is configurable now. Thanks mystogan64.
    - Renamed L2Script class to L2ScriptEngine.

    These days, i have been kept busy by school studies, problems, and daily routines, and i' m afraid it will be like this for a while.
    This has negative consequences on how early updates are done.
    Putting that aside, i will keep trying to fix any possible issues.

    Thank you all for your precious contribution!!!! Smile

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    Re: Revision 454

    Post  dandiarena on 23rd October 2013, 22:36

    i test and all work perfect, thanks you.

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    Re: Revision 454

    Post  xlinkinx on 24th October 2013, 07:37

    keep it up)) will soon build will be better than pts.

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    Re: Revision 454

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