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    Patch for L2jLivus 1



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    Patch for L2jLivus 1

    Post  BossForever on 18th October 2013, 04:09

    Hello, I know the L2jLivus for a while, always followed the review.I made a Patch for L2jLivus, were 2 days doing this patch.I can't test it because I don't have C4 client. Were made some fix, organizations at the Core, various clean ups across multiple files, Success.

    Summons Fixes
    Buy the set Fisherman
    Fixed friendlist? Update after adding a Friend
    Fixed bug with blessed scroll ch/castle (like L2OFF)
    Fix Player Drop Item
    Restrition enzyme deposit in Warehouse Dead
    Jail Telnet Command Fix
    Olympiad Save Task Fixed
    Organized folder lib
    Fixed cannot Equip/Unequip? How are with Stun/Sleep.
    ShortCuts Fixed.
    Fixed NewbieTutorial now it works
    New restrictions to escape
    PetInfo Packet Fixed
    Removed several Warnings around 2500

    Put the patch for download, because it contains 11.2 MB.

    mediafire.com ?1jue3xfn9i1apr8

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    Re: Patch for L2jLivus 1

    Post  Karakan on 18th October 2013, 19:21

    Each fixes seperated to diff files would be better.

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