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    Revision 451


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    Revision 451

    Post  DnR on 8th October 2013, 17:43

    Here we are. Revision 451.
    Quite promising.

    - Added 5 Archangels to Baium AI (L2J-like). However, once players attack Baium, angels will as well.
    - Fixed Confuse mob skills not considering success rate and landing even on RBs.
    Also, improved the way confuse skills work.
    - Corrected Rapid Shot usage. Thanks Karakan.
    - Added a missing Grandmaster. Thanks Karakan.
    - Exploration in Giants Cave Part 1 update and cleaning. Thanks Karakan.
    - Added 2 missing htmls.
    - Increased Lightning Strike effect power.
    - Added NPE check & few details in L2Script.
    - Reverted Clan Hall message due to lack of accurate remaining time. It's now sent every time Clan Warehouse deprives of adena.
    - Some Knownlist checks and changes to allow AI work properly for mobs, confused or not.
    - Added missing coords used by Geodata checks for all doors. Thanks lordeze for reporting.
    - Changed the way mobs used to call faction or get target while confused. Monster knownlist doesn't include anything apart from playable characters by default, so mobs will now use players knownlist instead. Tested and worked good enough.

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