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    "Un-pooping" process.


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    "Un-pooping" process.

    Post  Elfocrash on 2nd October 2013, 16:22

    So i checked out the project and started coding some customs but i saw that probably the project changed from JDK 6 to 7 wihout any changes and optimizations.

    I'm gonna make these changes in order to get the best output from the Java 7 usage.

    Here is just a first bit which is around 20% of the total work. I upload the sample so DnR can see and tell me if he wants be to finish this.

    Optimizations inculde deleting useless and double null checks, making use of the AutoCloseable features of java 7 and adding other util classes
    that might be needed by the project in the future like Rnd or StringUtil.

    Patch (2.9MB): zippyshare.com/v/43942996/file.html
    (For some reason it alsoo has some changed that i didnt actually change but well..)
    Do not even try to apply it manually. Apply patch it is.

    Feedback please.

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    Re: "Un-pooping" process.

    Post  DnR on 2nd October 2013, 19:41

    I see.
    Since you started this, i' ll complete the part of list & map cleaning/optimization and include it in next revision, but still game issues are of higher priority than java 7 optional compatibility.
    Thank you a lot for your work.

    Note: You probably misunderstood and added a second identical Rnd class. It was never missing.

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