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    [Idea] External customs engine


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    [Idea] External customs engine

    Post  Elfocrash on 30th September 2013, 20:48

    Ok so let me introduce myself first. I am Elfocrash you can call me Elfo mostly known for my Vortex Vote Engine.

    I saw this project is on about a year actively and stands tall as the best implemented C4 project.
    I am not that much the retail guy not because i can't code retail but cuz i don't like coding it (Thats why i dont assist aCis)

    So my plan is simple. An external jar with many many customs and an SVN in which you can extract the jar and the other modifications from in order to have a custom taste without touching (A lot) the actually source.

    What i want you to do is to name below features you wanna see in this engine and it can be anything, from a event engine to a vote reward system
    or a pvp reward system.

    Also please tell me if you like this idea.

    Kind regards,


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    Re: [Idea] External customs engine

    Post  VitoQQ on 1st October 2013, 15:54

    Fantastic Idea!

    stacksub system would be great.
    also rebirth system.
    PvP rating system as you said would be great too
    and much more...
    but lets see and other opinions...!

    ...l2jc4 resurrection...

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    Re: [Idea] External customs engine

    Post  DnR on 1st October 2013, 17:47

    Hello Elfocrash.

    I think that's a very kind gesture.
    Not only many people seek for unique features, but they are also unable to even adapt existing ones.
    I don't like adapting customs, apart from few ones, according to certain criterias. So this would be more than helpful.
    Let the people decide about these features.
    Thanks a lot. Smile

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    Re: [Idea] External customs engine

    Post  Elfocrash on 1st October 2013, 21:14

    Ok then guys im more than happy to make this project grow cuz C4 was a chronicle i spent most of my time in.

    I will do start it buy first i want at list a list of 10 vialbe Features. As soon as i get at least 10 i will share the first rev of the engine.

    The engine will be called Nether Custom Engine.

    PS: Do not just stay in normal well known features but through me more like your own ideas. However my first point is to cover the basic features.

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    Re: [Idea] External customs engine

    Post  jamaica on 1st October 2013, 22:02

    1. Vote reward (now a days is vital!)
    2. a captcha anti bot (we know it wont stop what we want but it will be a pain and im sure it will reduce the bot with 20-30%)
    3. two more events, ctf and dm
    4. pvp/pk title/name color sistem (at a number of pvp/pk u will get a random color)
    5. dressme mod, (as i saw many ppl asked for this feature)
    6. fake pcs as npcs
    7. premium accout which can be manipulate(premium account can have x2 drop, x2 xp almost everything x2 than a normal account)
    8. pvp reward also counter kill (like at 3 pvps in a row server will announce player X is a killing spree at 5 pvps is rampage and so on)
    9. a feature where u can enable disable if ur subclass will stack or not..
    10. a stable anti-heavy sistem for classes light

    most of these i have already share it on forum and some of them needs to be adapted for this chronical, hope that others will come with some others too

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    Re: [Idea] External customs engine

    Post  yusuketh on 4th October 2013, 18:18

    I liked the idea, do you think these custom?
    - Good or Evil: You have two faction, Protect the World from Evil and become a servant of Good Faction contamination or feel the evil in your blood and become Evil Faction to destroy World of Good's.
    - Headhunter: A player pays the head of his enemy, whoever kills it gets the reward.
    - +1 More events.
    - +1 Stable anti-heavy sistem.
    - Disable Weapons for Classes
    - NPC Crest
    - Block Heal Boss
    - Custom Start level, Item, Adena, Ancient Adena
    - Ant Dual box
    - / / Masshero: brightness hero to give everyone until restart.
    - Wyvern Protection City: Wyvern Dragon bans in town.
    - Restriction enchants: can not enchant running, sitting, etc. ...

    and finally it would be nice to be added to the official project
    - Olympiad A-grade, "in olympiad.properties"
    # Restrict item in same-olympiad.
    # ItemID's need to be separated whit coma (eg 1,200,350).
    - Option to not lose buffs when you die.

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    Re: [Idea] External customs engine

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