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    [Update] 20/09/13


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    [Update] 20/09/13

    Post  DnR on 20th September 2013, 16:23

    Hello guys,

    Here is revision 443 with a few fixes and few implementations.

    - Ketra/Varka alliance support implementation. Thanks lordeze for reporting.
    - Fixed Possessor of a Precious Soul 2 errors. Thanks lordeze, and scave for reporting.
    - Fixed extractable items of Clean up the Swamp of Screams quest not working. Thanks scave for reporting.
    - Fixed debuff-negating skills not working. Also, improved the way the whole function is done. Thanks scave for reporting.
    - Fixed Cure of Seraphim not removing Silence skills.
    - Fixed all common/dwarven recipe book bugs. Thanks lordeze for reporting.
    - Fixed bug as related to dwarven craft being learned by subclasses of a dwarven character.
    - Fixed Create Common Item level 9 not being auto-learned, if skills aren't auto-learned.
    - Fixed Create Common Item being learned at level 1, instead of 5.
    - Super Haste is now Toggle-like, as requested. Well, people are too lazy to disable it using command, but whatever.
    - Added bought/sold htmls for many merchants, instead of using the same html for everything.
    - Removed a bad condition in WarWithVarkaSilenos quest.
    - Removed bad Gremlin spawns.
    - Added Config to Enable/Disable Tutorial. Can be found in altSettings. Thanks a lot yusuketh for suggesting.

    That' s all for now.
    Thank you all for your precious support. Smile

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