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    Revision 439


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    Revision 439

    Post  DnR on 5th September 2013, 21:00

    This revision consists of party matching implementation and few other changes.

    Let me point out that it's based on the work done by Gnacik & Tryskell in L2J. Thanks a lot.

    About party matching, it had many flaws which got fixed according to retail data.
    I hope you find it satisfying.
    Thanks xlinkinx for reporting, and your precious support.

    - Removed useless checks in CharInfo packet.
    - Added a small check for a command channel configuration (just in case admins mess it up).
    - Added some olympiad safety checks.
    - Moved a Ketra html to merchants, so that it pops up.
    - Changed the way that skills are given during subclass change, or leveling (autolearnskills = true).
    It used to execute a greater number of queries than that of all skills together x 2. Please report any issues.

    That' s all for now.
    Party matching was one of the features that was requested since the publicity of the project, and now it's done.
    Thank you all for your persistence, and your precious support. Smile

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