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    NPC related update


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    NPC related update

    Post  DnR on 28th August 2013, 15:26

    Hello guys!

    These are the changes i commited after tests, feedback, and calculations.

    Added Soulshot/SpiritShot function for NPCs.
    - Added retail ss/bss (at least close to it) for all pets/summons.
    - Removed level up message for pets.
    - Fixed summons problem properly (packets were getting messed).
    It looks like Hp & Mp regeneration was not being cancelled for L2SummonInstance.
    Old hack aka fix used to fully restore hp and mp before unsummon, which automatically stopped regeneration.
    - Added ss/bss for Varka Silenos monsters.
    - Added ss/bss for Ketra Orc monsters.
    - Added ss/bss for Imperial Tomb monsters.
    - Added ss/bss for Forge of the Gods monsters.
    - Added ss/bss for Rift monsters (rift is not implemented yet, but this means nothing).

    According to lordeze's feedback, there have been some aggro issues.
    The following changes have been made as related to aggro system:
    - Increased Z diff. It was 300 before, but some mob spawns had really bad Z coords and were not aggro.
    - Diff has been increased to 400. I believe that more mobs will get aggro now (according to tests with Varka Silenos & Ketra Orc spawns)
    - Added small check to Event Aggression to prevent small hate bugs.
    - Fixed mob faction, which never worked in l2j (if i'm right).
    This feature has also fixed the problem where Orfen minions did not support her.
    The same will be done for Queen Ant in the future (ant minions have L2Minion type, so if they get attacked, QA will get aggro, which is not retail.)
    - Added some faction checks to Controllable and Siege guard mobs AI.

    Miscellaneous changes:
    - Removed login message for corrupted client. It's probably not sent at all.
    - Added small check for pet inventory.
    - Fixed possible NPE for pets.
    - Added isQuestMonster boolean, which is currently being used for mob Random Walk.
    - Small fix in Admin Event Engine.

    Again, thanks a lot for all your contributions, reports, and suggestions.

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