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    Libraries Update


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    Libraries Update

    Post  DnR on 22nd August 2013, 12:34

    From now on, we will be using more advanced libraries.
    I believe optimization will be noticed.
    Remove old ones and now default libs are the following:

    - bsf-2.3.0 (it's still the same, since 2.4.0 has been declared unstable after tests.)
    - bsh-2.0b4
    - c3p0-0.9.2-pre1
    - commons-logging-1.1
    - javolution-5.5.1
    - jython (was updated in earlier revisions)
    - mysql-connector-java-5.1.23-bin

    Make sure you report strange errors. Libraries have been tested for 2 days without problems but who knows.

    Have fun. Smile

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