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    Ai Update and improvements


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    Ai Update and improvements

    Post  DnR on 21st August 2013, 10:19

    Grand Boss AI scripts have been added for all Grand Bosses.

    - Antharas
    - Baium
    - Core
    - Orfen
    - Queen Ant
    - Valakas
    - Zaken

    - SpecialCamera packet has been completed. Valakas has already a cinematic spawn, and Antharas a cinematic death (cameras are a bit defective and rarely don't work at spawn).
    - A small relief to some mobs auto-attack delay. Attackable AI was set to use all skills apart from passive, but some NOTDONE skills were set to active in xmls. Now, AI checks whether skills have skill type NOTDONE as well. Could be a relief to aggressives not attacking immediately (reported by lordeze) as well.
    - Unlockable doors aren't attackable anymore.

    Scripts aren't 100% retail, but that's a really good start.

    Enjoy!! Smile

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