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    UPDATE 16-17/08


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    UPDATE 16-17/08

    Post  DnR on 18th August 2013, 03:21

    Hello people,
    The last 2 revisions consist of the following:

    - Added 33 and corrected 3 quests by roko91.
    - Added readMe texts for multisells and quests by roko91.
    - Added missing htmls by roko91.
    - Added few missing quest-related multisells by roko91. Thanks a lot.
    - Fixed Yeti's Table and Altar of Daimon not being respawned.
    - Fixed Varka Holy Altar not being respawned while server was Up.
    - Total core support for Repent Your Sins quest.
    - Sin-Eater's level has to be the same as owner's. Thanks roko91.
    - Sin-Eater is able to attack now. Thanks roko91.
    - Sin-Eater consumes all owner's exp.
    - Sin-Eater control item is destroyable now.
    - Repent Your Sins quest is exited when changing subclass.
    - Fixed drop rates for few quests.
    - Minor fix in quest for Clan Level 5.
    - Some RBs were upgrading soul crystals to stage 12 while they shouldn't. It was C5 info, so it got removed.
    - Support for Mana Drain skills. (Mobs use Mana Drain in C4)
    - Added Jail teleport option in Admin Teleport Menu.
    - Removed EffectType from Poison Blade Dance. It was useless.
    - Core support for baby pets.
    - Baby Pets heal owner under certain conditions.
    - Baby Pets consume some of owner's exp.
    - Exp distribution was improved. Might probably fix party exp issues reported by KolyaPlay. Thanks a lot.
    - Updated The Wishing Potion Quest. It's retail-like now. Thanks DanielaCZ.
    - Removed RB-related altars from spawnlist. They are handled by quests now.
    - Added 3 Black Judges to spawnlist.
    - Quest drops weren't registered for several new quests. They do now.
    - Fixed problem in GrandBoss Teleporters.
    - Small fix in CharStat calcStat method, small but can prevent a dozen of NPEs.
    - Prevent Skill Mastery from being activated by Potion skills.

    That's all i can recall for now, but perhaps i miss nothing.
    Thank you all for your support.
    Enjoy. Smile

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    Re: UPDATE 16-17/08

    Post  cyberghoser1 on 18th August 2013, 22:12

    Welcome back!

    Compiling and posting Wink

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    Re: UPDATE 16-17/08

    Post  DnR on 19th August 2013, 17:42

    cyberghoser1 wrote:Welcome back!

    Compiling and posting Wink
    Thank you.
    Keep up the good work. ^^

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    Re: UPDATE 16-17/08

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