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    Compiled version

    Post  KolyaPlay on 4th August 2013, 23:39

    Decided to set up a server in your city, downloaded the compiled version, players have noticed the error) nepodskazhite how to fix?

    Rates party set up correctly, is valid only on the group leader, and that unless he kills a mob, the others do not get the experience, not the mob killed the leader of the group, given the experience again, but again the leader.
    In the end, the leader of the other lvl 5 Level 1, left the party before you hit another char lvl 4, threw a party back enchantment that lvl 5, and began to beat the leader of the mob, and only after this experience began to fall both.

    not the work of the initial quests soulshots

    does not change party leader, or the command line

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