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    L2Bronze x50

    Post  G-hamsteR on 5th July 2013, 22:45

    Hello everyone! I am here to show you our server, L2Bronze. Here is some basic information:

    XP: x50
    SP: x50
    Adena: x60

    Max Weapon: Unlimited
    Safe Weapon: +3
    Chance Weapon: 68%

    Max Armor/Jewel: Unlimited
    Safe Armor/Jewel: Unlimited
    Chance Armor: 52%
    Chance Jewel: 54%

    Buffer with a few buffs (Not all buffs)
    Event Buffer
    Global Gatekeeper
    Weapon Shop (Until A grade without SA)
    Armor Shop (Until b grade)
    Mantra Manager (Exchange mantra to get A/S grade armors)
    Misc Shop (Buy Arrows, portions, spirit ores, soulshots and other misc items)

    Other Info:
    Crafting for S Grade Weapons
    Spoil for S Grade Weapons
    Olympiads Every month.
    Farming Zones: There are 4 farming zones to farm Mantras.
    Base Town: Aden. Everything can be found in Aden
    Working Sieges
    Raid Bosses with custom drops like S Grade Weapons
    Autoloot is only disabled in Raid Bosses
    Noblesse Requires Quest
    Subclasses Maximun 3, without quest.

    Website: http://l2bronze.com
    Forums: http://l2bronze.com/forum


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    Re: L2Bronze x50

    Post  roko91 on 6th July 2013, 01:19

    Great server! I think it's very promising Smile
    My only advice to you is to switch to the new default spawnlist because the old one is very far from C4 (it's closer to C1 IMHO).

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    Re: L2Bronze x50

    Post  DnR on 6th July 2013, 14:42

    I wish you good luck! Smile

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    Re: L2Bronze x50

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