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    Castel Siege bug



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    Castel Siege bug

    Post  dragos73 on 22nd December 2012, 16:43

    Hello guys. So my friend tested the siege of Aden and Giran. He went into the siege but when needed to capture the castel he did not had the skill to capture it.

    Here a print screen


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    Re: Castel Siege bug

    Post  hellyah on 23rd December 2012, 12:26


    I think your friend is wrong Sad

    1.Make clan lvl4+ and u have seal of rule!
    2.take castle
    3. i cant post external links (upload image)...plz buy one webhosting and make smf forum xD

    i tested Chamberlein "receive report" and "manor managment" dont work,i know manor system not rdy yet.

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    Re: Castel Siege bug

    Post  DnR on 23rd December 2012, 21:29

    Please do as hellyah says, and let me know.
    Although i have worked a lot on clan system and i' m sure there is nothing wrong with siege skills, i' ll let you test it just to be sure.

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    Re: Castel Siege bug

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