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    Draconic Bow - Focus



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    Draconic Bow - Focus

    Post  G-hamsteR on 22nd June 2013, 14:33

    I just saw that draconinc bow focus doesn't give any stats. It should be changed to this, just like shining bow focus:

    <item id='7577' name="draconic_bow_focus">
        <set val='581' order='0x08' stat='pAtk'/>
        <set val='132' order='0x08' stat='mAtk'/>
        <set val='12' order='0x08' stat='rCrit'/>
        <add val='-3' order='0x10' stat='accCombat'/>
        <set val='293' order='0x08' stat='pAtkSpd'/>
        <enchant val='0' order='0x0C' stat='pAtk'/>
        <enchant val='0' order='0x0C' stat='mAtk'/>
        <!-- SA: Focus -->
        <add val='87' order='0x40' stat='rCrit'/>
        <mul val='1.05' order='0x30' stat='pvpPhysDmg'/>
        <mul val='1.05' order='0x30' stat='pvpPhysSkillsDmg'/>
        <mul val='1.05' order='0x30' stat='pvpMagicalDmg'/>

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    Re: Draconic Bow - Focus

    Post  DnR on 22nd June 2013, 15:17

    This already got fixed in rev. 414.
    Stats added to skill 3567 (special ability focus), and got removed from shining bow in weapons.xml
    Skill works for both S bows.

    Thanks for reporting.

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