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    Retail auto attack


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    Retail auto attack

    Post  DnR on 7th June 2013, 18:55

    Some people claim that auto-attack is l2j feature, and attack is not automatic with first hit in l2off.
    On the other hand, others state that if you hold ctrl button, your character will keep attacking (auto-attack).
    Either way, i have to do something about this. An attacker can accidentally kill a player while he wants to lower his hp for example, due to auto-attack, or a low level player.
    I believe it' s an essential feature.


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    Re: Retail auto attack

    Post  G-hamsteR on 9th June 2013, 17:49

    There is another problem to attacks also. While attacking or using spells, you cannot use mana or cp potions.

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