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    [Share] Droplist Update Part 2



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    [Share] Droplist Update Part 2

    Post  roko91 on 2nd June 2013, 00:02

    First I want to congratulate DnR for the 400 revisions! It's an amazing achievement for such a small community! Smile
    Before more than a week I shared here droplist update which made the droplist table almost complete. Since then I thought that there are at least 100 more missing drops/spoils to add for the second part but it seems like accidentally I've already done 99% of the work Very Happy So I found only 20 more missing drops/spoils (15 for itemId:2026 and 5 for itemId:2264).

    Here is the share:
    mediafire.com download/ovd9ap5ixngaqq9/droplist_update_part_2.zip

    If anyone find more missing/incorrect drops (which since now will be vary hard I hope) please report it and I will share the fix ASAP.

    Have fun! Wink

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    Re: [Share] Droplist Update Part 2

    Post  vitorjose12 on 2nd June 2013, 20:53

    Niceeeeeeeeeeeeee work man!
    This is best c4 revision!!!!!!! U.u

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