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    Command Channel


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    Command Channel

    Post  DnR on 12th May 2013, 15:24

    Just read C4 notes ^^.

    If a clan leader of a clan above level 5 invites a party with the /channelinvite command or by clicking on the Channel Invitation button in the party action section of the action window (Alt+C) the command channel will be created and chat window activated.

    A maximum number of 50 parties can join one channel.

    The channel will automatically disband when the channel creator disbands his party.

    The command channel window shows information about the channel.

    If the channel creator terminates the game unexpectedly or transfers party leader privileges to another individual, channel creator privileges are transferred to the new leader. The recipient of these privileges does not have to be a clan leader of a level 5 clan. In other words, the prerequisite of a channel creator is a clan leader of a level 5 clan and a party leader, but merely a party leader is sufficient for subsequent channel maintenance.

    Other parties can be invited with the /channelinvite command or by clicking on the Channel Invitation button in the party action section of the action window (Alt+C). If channel invitations have been extended to members of other parties, the invitation message will ask for the invited party leader’s approval.

    After the channel has been activated, the channel creator can deliver notices and messages to all characters in the channel by clicking on the All Command icon. Each party leader can chat by clicking on commander chat icon.

    The following commands are used in the multiparty command window.

    /channeldelete: Disbands the channel
    /channelinvite [name]: Invites parties to channel.
    /channelkick [leader name]: Expels a party from channel.
    /channelleave: Withdraws from channel.
    /channelinfo: Shows information about the channel.

    The command channel is activated only if at least five parties participate in.
    I have made the number of parties configurable in altSettings (how the hell could sb gather 5 parties in high rate?).
    Everything should be retail like, though the code can be furtherly improved.

    Have fun Smile


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    Re: Command Channel

    Post  roko91 on 12th May 2013, 15:50

    Thank you so much ! Smile

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