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    Quest for Destro (missing mobs)


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    Quest for Destro (missing mobs)

    Post  DanielaCZ on 11th April 2013, 22:23

    Hello again my spam :-) I made today quest for Destro all is ok. Quest have not any mistake, just missing mobs in to spawnlist Umbar Orc. Quest is perfect :-) Thanks.


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    Re: Quest for Destro (missing mobs)

    Post  roko91 on 12th April 2013, 00:07

    There is bad spawn for Umbar Orcs indeed. In fact now there is only 1 spawn for Umbar Orc and it is in Neutral Zone instead of in Spider Nest. The reason is simple, I didn't updated yet spawns for NPC IDs beyond 1442 (Umbar Orcs have ID 5054). So every npc template id higher than 1442 have huge probability to have bad spawn (especially the mobs).
    I will start working on them when I find enough time Smile

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