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    Post  dream555 on 11th April 2013, 21:26

    Hi all

    i internets that have this c4 project protection?

    Phx and more............



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    Re: Protection

    Post  Myazz on 11th April 2013, 21:32

    Want a protection?

    Go to buy, lameguard.com


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    Re: Protection

    Post  dream555 on 11th April 2013, 21:47

    every project have their protection

    this priject does not have protection?

    phx and more


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    Re: Protection

    Post  roko91 on 11th April 2013, 22:48

    There is already a topic about that:

    For those who are lazy to read the whole topic here is the part where I quote the pack admin from MxC forum:
    About Phx:
    Warehouse enchant, trade, Critical error, Announcement, and teleport out of olympiad stadium using packets have been fixed.
    Also, i have commited a small fix in the warehouse enchant protection.
    In Interlude packs, players were getting banned but their enchantment was successful. Consequently, in case that their punishment was reconsidered, they would play using overenchanted items.
    In Lisvus, enchantment is cancelled.

    Let me point out several other protections, as you people are completely unaware of the old l2j pack.
    Account hacking and hlapex protection.
    L2Walker protection.
    L2JAttacker fix (this has to be tested).

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    Re: Protection

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