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    Cant pickup items.


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    Cant pickup items.

    Post  jmd on 23rd July 2018, 16:35

    So i am trying to create a survival type of server.

    I use these settings:

    # Player Drop Rate control, values are the percent values
    PlayerDropLimit = 80
    PlayerRateDrop = 100
    PlayerRateDropItem =100
    PlayerRateDropEquip = 100
    PlayerRateDropEquipWeapon = 100

    # Karma Drop Rate control, values are the percent values
    KarmaDropLimit = 80
    KarmaRateDrop = 100
    KarmaRateDropItem = 100
    KarmaRateDropEquip = 100
    KarmaRateDropEquipWeapon = 100

    When my character gets killed it drops all the items on the ground but when i go back to pick them up it immediately drops them again. In order to get it fixed i have to relogin. After the relogin the character can pick up the items without dropping them automatically.

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    Re: Cant pickup items.

    Post  DnR on 24th July 2018, 12:44

    Hello jmd.
    This seems like real trouble. I'm back to action these days, so I'm going to take a look at all pending issues.


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