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    Bug List Rev.599


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    Bug List Rev.599

    Post  improvise on 22nd May 2018, 20:04

    1)System message "Missed target" doesn't appears in system chat using all types of weapons excepting duals and fists.

    2)In Goddard two same guards spawn at one place. ID=8297

    3)Scroll Of Escape:Clan Hall doesn't work at all, if you don't have clan hall (in this case, it should teleport character to the nearest city). Similarly castle scroll has only animation and no effect.

    4)If PK count >1 weapon for adventurers should be removed from weapon slot automatically. In fact only if you take it off by yourself, you can't use it in future

    5)In extractable_items.csv need to replace from
    Cause of: createItemID 9515 doesn't have template!

    6)After the unsuccessful opening of the fish or chest, they should disappear. In fact, a message appears in the chat: nothing happened and the item remains in the inventory.

    7)Using Common Craft and Dwarven Craft skills accompanied by a strange animation (something like social actions).

    8)You can use fishing skills without fishing rod and also you can use fishing skills with rod, but without lure. Of course, you can't fishing in that conditions, but rather strange animation will appears like in p.7.

    9)You can /block yourself.

    10)Can't enter Judges'Sepulcher. Dialog with manager returns error in scripts\quests\620_FourGoblets\__init__.py

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