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    Bug reports for DnR :)



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    Bug reports for DnR :)

    Post  ASDron on 14th February 2018, 04:09

    Hi DnR, I'm very grateful to you for the development, as a whole, everything is fine, especially if high rates and pvp server, but there is one question. Will the geo engine be slightly corrected? Because there are big problems, especially for sieges, people put flags, and they fall under the ground (because of this they can not recover), NPCs shoot through walls (with online for 100 players it is difficult to take the lock from the NPC because of the fact that do not see the NPC, but they shoot), tthe players very often at the joints fall through the textures (the geodata were different) - can realize at least the return (teleport) of the player before the time of the fall.

    Another probyval put one and the same geodata on l2jlisvus and l2jadmins (in my subjective opinion l2jadmins proved to be better) - it's only about the geo engine. Maybe you'll have time and you'll look what you can do (ready to throw money on the beer Smile )

    Now for the gaming moments:
    1. (Ant Queen) I remember that in C4 passage across the river to Ant Queen was limited to 48 lvl. (players with lvl above teleported to the nearest city) - it would be nice to bring it to the config and implement the zone.

    2. (Private purchase) On the PTS was so, if you put the sharpened thing +7 for a purchase, then you can only buy a sharpened thing +7. (Now on l2jlisvus you buy a sharpened thing, but you buy any +0 at least +20).

    3. (Adena) On the PTS it was so, if the player has full adena, then he can not increase it, l2jlisvus can be raised endlessly)
    At l2jadmins it is implemented (truth only on lifting an adena)
     - this also applies to the trade (if the player is more than the player can not accept)
     - this also applies to private sale (if the player has full adena and he sells the item for 1 adena, then the other player is shown a message that the player who sells full does not have a place for adena).
    A trifle but eyes cut.

    4. (Epics) It would be nice to bring the config to epic
    - Time is respawn
    - Waiting time RB will come out of the lair (valakas, antharas)
    - Binding of respawn RB to the time specification

    5. (Teleport) When the siege begins, players can not teleport to the besieged city, so it should be in the usual teleport, but through the noblesse teleport players must normally teleport.

    thanks, DnR for the efforts for us!
    I hope you look this post))

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